Homeschooling: Virtual Field Trips

In this COVID-19 time period, parents are having a rough time determining how best to organize their children’s time at home. A schedule is first. Parents, you must make a schedule that includes academic time, outside play time, clean my bedroom time, learn a home skill, activity with family in evening, family dinner, music, and so on. Having a consistent morning and evening ritual will further assist children to feel safe during these uncertain times. Parents, you MUST be consistent. You must have already determined space for time out (and use a timer) and space for study whether homeschooling or homework from school. Homeschooling needs to also have homework. Remember that not all learning occurs in a classroom at school. What does your schedule look like?

In the meantime, here’s a family-oriented blog that has a great list of virtual field trips for you and your children.

Stay safe!

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